Pregnancy can be a tipping point for an already complicated situation. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when facing big changes. Questions like: How will I manage a job and day care? I am already struggling financially, how will I afford a baby? My relationship is barely surviving, a child could be the last straw. So many worries. So many questions. You are not alone. Every single person who has experienced a pregnancy whether planned or unplanned goes through some adjustment. Add swinging hormones to the mix and a perfect emotional storm is brewing. It’s time to take a break. In the Bible, a musical break in the action is known as a Selah.

When you find yourself faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you might have a flurry of emotions developing. Breathe. Pray. Meditate. Hydrate. Repeat. Stop the scrolling. Stop panicking. Just breathe for a moment. Give yourself time to adjust to what is happening before you dive head first into worrying. Sometimes, our brain, in an effort to self preserve only allows small bits of information at a time. That’s okay; sometimes a small bit is all we can take.

Now that you have had a few moments to breathe, let’s look at the facts.

There are Resources. Make a list of all the comfort items you would need to even consider sustaining a life. Housing, money to pay bills, counseling, a good working car. The list goes on. What does your list look like? Can your family, friends, church, community and county programs help you check off that list? With each need met, you will feel more confident. Finally, if you need to talk to someone else, your local resource center, physician, counselor or friend can help you sort out some of the emotions and details you might be working through. Please do not isolate yourself – reach out, and keep reaching out until you feel confident that you are making competent decisions that feel healthy for you.

Once you choose hope,
anything is possible.